1. Application forms for admission can be secured from the school office in the second week of January.
  2. An ideal age for nursery is 3 plus+.
  3. Parents are asked to fill the Application/Admission Forms with the utmost accuracy. No change in the name and date of birth is permitted later.
  4. Candidates for admission to all classes must pass an Entrance examination.
  5. For fresh Admission, an original birth certificate should accompany the application. Catholic students should produce a Baptism certificate.
  6. Admission to STD I

    1. For admission priority is given to our own students.
    2. During admission parents should submit TC from UKG 2 and photocopy of UKG 2 marksheet.
    3. There is no regular registration for other classes and admission to such classes are only when vacancies occur. No admission in class X and XII at any case. Admission to STD XI STREAMS Bio+IP / Bio+Math/ Math+CS/PE Commerce: A/C+Math/PE A/C+IP/PE
  7. Admission to the K.G. of the school is not a guarantee of automatic admission to Std. 1, Students will have to prove themselves fit to be admitted. The Principal is the final authority granting admissions.
  8. Transfer certificate must be produced by all candidates who have previously attended any school. It must be countersign by DEO.
  9. No transfer certificate is issued until all dues are paid. The application form for T.C. is inserted in the school diary. No T.C. will be issued without a prior application by the parents one week ahead. A fee Rs. 100 should be paid for the T.C.
  10. Students leaving the school in mid-session no fee will be refunded.


=>Pre Board Offline Exam of Class-10 and Class-12 will be started from 15/11/2021.






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